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Agility Way so far

Agility Way has been born as Agility becomes the way of creating better organised teams to match the technological shifts for the Digital market.  

Agility is defined as the ability to be quick and easy, quick to understand, think, devise quickly,  to be nimble with intellectual acuity.

Our team includes an Agile Scrum master an Agility Master Coach who partnered with Forum Inc who wrote the original Strategy Speed book on Clarity, Unity and Agility in 2009.

We understand the fundamentals of how Agility improves performance 

To improve performance means unifying the team’s mindset, flexible behaviors and knowledge to be able to adapt in a dynamic environment.  This means creating unified harmony, trust, knowledge of each others traits and processes that are nimble and know each other intellectual and emotional acuity so that the team functions as one to achieve challenging and stretched targets.

We focus on “Performance through Agility” and have a defined process to help you achieve your targets.

Performance in $

We understand how to measure Agility and provide value for investment

Performance savings

We understand how to save and create effectiveness in process, mindset and decision making = Agility

Performance of your people

We understand Agility for team performance


We will design the right approach for you, keeping it simple so you can acquire Agility

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We have custom modules to choose from to develop your organisation

Do you have the right coach to deliver organisational Agility?

Performance techniques

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Mindset needs

How you develop the right mindset?

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Simulating the Agility Experience

Its important to simulate the Agility environment which is deemed as new and innovative for most people who have not had a job working in an Agile environment

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Lets work together

Here are some of our key experts in Agility

Robert Twiddy

Agility Master Coach

Yodchai Apisitpisarn

MD, Marketing and Agility Coach

Thanet Wattanakunakorn

Agility Coach


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