Group Coaching & Workshops


We have a number of modules that may be used for individual or group coaching.

Our popular one day series of workshops can extend your organisation’s competency our focus on excelling in Agility.  Whether its sales, HR or marketing, we can help you.

Agility Modules include:

  • Agility Assessment – this assessment looks at the performance of individuals and the group to prepare a design and development plan
  • Agility Design and Development – sets out the organizational design and the mindset, process, knowledge that needs to be achieved in Agility.
  • Agility Performance and Measurement – the KPIs and measurements that are required to be applied to the design and development to monitor and achieve the performance targeted
  • Agility Mindset and culture – development of the individuals mindset and the team’s unity to implement the Agility performance targets
  • Agility Process – development of the key processes to implement the Agility performance targets
  • Agility Simulation

Team building, leadership, away days combined with an activity provides outward bound experiential learning for self and group effectiveness.

For the individual we can offer a 12 hour package over 9 sessions every one week or two weeks to address how you wish to adapt drawing on the modules described above.  Most individual sessions are more focused on Agility Mindset and Culture development and the necessary psychologies and practices needed to be an Agilite.

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