Sales Agility


The goal of sales is to be able to achieve a sale in the shortest time possible with the minimum amount of effort whenever a sale is required meeting or going beyond the targets set by our companies strategy.  Sales Agility is needed to operate in a fast moving dynamic environment and be able to adapt to the circumstance presented.  We focus on embracing customers as part of our sales organisation.  Each sales person needs the mindset, flexible behavior and knowledge to be able to adapt to the dynamic environment.


To achieve Sales Agility and improve performance means unifying the team’s mindset, flexible behaviors and knowledge to be able to adapt in a dynamic environment.  This means creating unified harmony, trust, knowledge of each others traits and processes that are nimble and know each other intellectual and emotional acuity so that the team functions as one to achieve challenging and stretched targets.
We need to consider the whole customer decision making team by having supreme questioning skills, active listening, and show confidence as traits while understanding the customer’s business strategy.


Our Sales Agility experiential workshop course provides the training, but also exercises and simulations to improve team bonding and nimbleness of process for future use together.


We also provide a dashboard of measures so that the team can monitor and track overall team performance with motivational techniques to make each team member embrace harmony to achieve better performance.


This is a self managed team and that mindset and style is integrated into the training.


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